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J&J Rose Gold Self Tanner *Final Sale*
or 4 interest-free payments of $10.00 with

J&J Rose Gold Self Tanner *Final Sale*
or 4 interest-free payments of $10.00 with

Product Details

Our J&J Signature Self Tanning Rose Gold mousse is FINALLY HERE! Easy to use, doesn’t smell, doesn’t stain, build-able color so it works with all skin tones.

Giving you that just off the beach look we were able to create with our custom blended spray tan solution without exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Our Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse is just the beginning of our journey. We are listening to you as we are working hard to create new formulas and products to help you with all of your self-tanning needs.

Our products are made in the USA not overseas, are cruelty free, gentle and all natural.

We want you to feel amazing in your skin whenever you need that boost of color and confidence.

How dark is the Rose Gold self-tanner?

As light or as dark as YOU want it to be.

Rose Gold Self-Tanner is a buildable mousse. You control the intensity of your Rose Gold Tan by how much mousse you apply to your skin and how long you leave the mousse on before showering.

In the shower the light bronzer will rinse away leaving your beautiful sunless tan underneath, don’t panic when you see this happen, the bronzer is supposed to wash off so it doesn’t get on any clothing AFTER your shower.

How to choose how dark your tan is:

For a pretty glow add a light layer of mousse and wash off in 1-3 hours.
For a bronzed tropical tan add an additional layer and wait to wash for 6-8 hours or leave on overnight.
Want more color? Add another coat the next day. It’s really up to your preference.
Is Rose Gold fake tan tested on animals?

No way, we love animals and do not test our products on them. Rose Gold is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

About the Mitts:
We quickly learned that your tanning applicator can make a HUGE difference in how your self tan turns out. So many mitts on the market were too soft and bunched up leaving weird streaks in our tanning products. Or were NOT lined and we ended up with crazy hands after applying our tanner. Some of the mitts even fell apart after one or two uses. We wanted a really nice long lasting self tanning mitt to go with our Rose Gold formula.

To get a smooth even blended tan we recommend using a good quality sunless tanning mitt for a streak-free application. Bonus points for being lined to protect your palms from getting bronzed in the process. We think this one is the best one on the market.
We love these premium double-sided lined mitts which have a plush velvet feel and can be washed under warm soapy water and reused again and again! We have had ours for over a year and they are just like new. Hand wash and slip over your Rose Gold Mousse bottle to dry after using.

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