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Jules Candle + Wax Melt + Luxe + Spray

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We could not have found a better candle to choose for our signature J&J scent! The top notes are greens and citrus, which give it a bright and happy smell! The middle notes are jasmine and lily and that gives it just a touch of girliness, but not so much that your man won't love it too! The bass notes of amber and musk give it a really luxurious, high-end smelling fragrance!

We have this scent available in an 18 ounce triple-wicked candle that will burn for about 80-90 hours, in a wax melt for a safe, flameless option, a room spray to work as an air or fabric freshener, or in a luxurious jar.

Luxe Details: Features an iridescent blush luxurious jar. Double wicked. Jar can be used as a pen holder, makeup brush holder, etc. after candle is gone.

Spray Details: Shake before use, 4 ounces, skin-safe