Azalea Jane Collection

A Message From Founder Alison Grooms:

A year ago the idea for Azalea Jane was born, a few months before my daughter Azalea Jane was born. As I have gotten a little bit older, my tastes have somewhat shifted. I found myself gravitating towards some higher end lines and brands that didn’t necessarily match Jules & James. This led me to source the best women designers and brands who create high quality, timeless pieces for our new Azalea Jane line. These pieces will be some that you can keep for a lifetime and even pass along to your daughters in the future. Azalea Jane is for the refined, sophisticated woman that wants to invest in timeless pieces.

Both of my brands (Jules & James and Azalea Jane) are taking a hard turn away from fast fashion. We want to source the best products that are quality, fashionable, but timeless. We want to shift our mindset away from wearing things once or twice and tossing them! We hope we can inspire you to invest in quality pieces that you love!

XOXO- Alison

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