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Do you offer free shipping?

If your order is over $75 (before tax) you will receive free shipping. You will also receive free shipping for any purchase within a 24 hour window after paying $4 flat rate shipping on any purchase under $75. 

When can I expect my item to arrive?

Our shipping time is 3-5 business days. You should receive tracking info in your order confirmation by email or in messenger.

What is your shipping rate?

Item #1 in your cart is $4.00 flat rate shipping. If your cart total reaches $75+, you will automatically receive complimentary FREE shipping.  

Do you offer in-store pickup?

Unfortunately, no. We had to discontinue in store pick-up for lack of space. That being said, we wanted to make it up to you! Our shipping rates are low, this way, you don’t miss out on our awesome merch! Don’t forget, FREE shipping on orders over $75!

What if my package says delievered but I didn't receive it?

Once it leaves Jules & James' Warehouse it is no longer our responsibility. Feel free to contact your local post office. At USPS all of thier employees have GPS scanners and can help you locate where your package was delivered.