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Beaut Bundle #2: Peachy Kleen Bundle

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The Peachy Kleen Bundle includes: the Peachy Kleen Smile Kit, Mint Brightening Bubbles, and Whitening Gel Refill.
Peachy Keen Smile Kit: This kit is phone activated and features blue light therapy. On average each 15 minute session whitens your teeth 2-3 shades lighter. 
Sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators. 
Vegan Friendly
FDA Cleared 

*24 month warranty

Mint Brightening Bubbles: Mint flavored daily teeth whitening foam that maintains your pearly whites and keep you insta-ready all day long. 

Whitening Gel Refill: Whitening gel refill for any beaut. smile kit with a 44% Carbamide peroxide formula.